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Can we have it all?

Somedays we all feel like Cinderella-our dreams unreachable.

translating influence into power
" You're book is going to be such a bestseller because it's a colourful, astonishing story... The publishers don't have to worry about whether this thing is going to sell. The only question they're going to have to wonder about is whether they've got enough paper in the forest to print the fucking books." Brian Mulroney.

I spent my first 13 years a loner, waiting to grow up and get out. Then I discovered that high school was all about partying, and longed for University, "when I could show up to class whenever I want and the teachers show you respect". Haha. I went to University and thought "What a crock! I miss my friends from high school...those free days of endless raving." Alas, I'm almost finished, and I'm burned out, only to hope to go to law school.

But strangly enough I have reverted back to highschool, at least in form if not in mind. I have my fabulous threesome--the best girls living.The agenda consists of endless talks about SEX and relationships
" Someone told me you where interesting, I hope you won't disappoint me?" says A.
"Girls, the next thing I knew I was on a date with the Bicycle boy-- an incredibly uninteresting man who wore some urban safari suit and locked his disgusting piece of metal to the lamppost so we could eat at some diner....I don't do bicycle boys"

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"We imagine you hanging about with Ed, laughing it up, going for coffee with your overcoats over your heads to avoid the paparazzi. We see you standing by, smartly dressed, at major Canadian press conferences. Ed getting you coffee, just the way you like it. Ed offering you a raise, just the way you like it. Other members of the NDP watching you enviously from afar. That kind of thing. So your life is now a good fantasy.

" Sometimes we laugh, sometimes we cry. The moments they pass with a blink of an eye. The more that we change, the more we're the same. We live and we die.. " www.salpiamonte.com


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The O.C. is love
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